Week 5 – Updates

Dear participants,

Here’s an update ahead of the Week 5 teachings:

  • If you haven’t registered for the Week 5 webinar, you can do so here.
  • Translations for Week 1 are now available:
    ?? English / ?? ?? Español / ?? Français / ?? ?? Português / ?? 简体字  / ?? ?? 繁體字
    I’d like to express my tremendous gratitude to the translation teams for their hard work. Translations for Russian, Italian and German are in progress (and the Russian, Italian and German teams would welcome additional help if anyone is able).
    If anyone would like to volunteer to help with translation please contact me directly (including for other languages)
  • The transcript for Week 4 is now available. For both the Week 3 and Week 4 transcripts, I have added some additional materials to the transcript to clarify difficult points.
  • There is now active discussion on the Forum. If you haven’t looked recently, please feel free to join in the conversation – or start some new topics of your own.
  • There is a new Questions page where you can ask and answer questions.

I look forward to seeing you tonight.

Kind regards,

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