Welcome to the 8-Week Program!

Welcome to the 8-Week Program!

There is a lot of interest in this program, with over 1,400 people and 54 nationalities registered from over North America, Asia and Europe, ranging in age from 16 to 80. If you haven't already found the page for Week 1 on the website, please take a moment to read it, as it contains the pre-readings and other useful information.

Several of you asked about who is attending the program. Here are some summaries based on your replies to the survey this week:

Week 1 - Age (updated)
Week 1 - Education (updated)
Week 1 - Practice History (updated)

I encourage you to download the text and look at the pre-readings if you have time, and I look forward to being with you on 7 June (or 8 June in Europe/Asia).

14 thoughts on “Welcome to the 8-Week Program!”

  1. Wow! Impressive website, data collection, display of data, syllabus, course outline! This is all super organized and really easy to access. I am extremely impressed and I really look forward to studying this with everyone and with Alex Trisoglio! I am suddenly even more motivated to work hard and rise to the occasion when I see how hard Alex and his team have worked to make this happen. This really looks like it’s going to be an amazing learning experience. I am ready to dig in! Thank you so much Alex and everyone who helped put all of this together and did so in such a thoughtful way. I can tell you put a lot of energy into this. Thank you once again.

  2. The various combined numerations of the text and the 2 Trees at the end are unbelievable. What I have needed ..forever. Thank you.

  3. I deeply apreciate this opportunity and feel heartly thankful to all involved in creating this course. Thank you Rinpoche and Alex.

  4. Thank you Rinpoche, Alex and your team for putting this together. It is SO WELL done! I enjoyed the webinar tremendously and found it to be clear, to the point without all the fluff… VERY IMPRESSIVE!

  5. Thanks so much for this precious opportunity Alex, Siddharta’s Intent and — of course — Rinpoche’s grand vision.

  6. Dear Alex Thank you so much for such a clear and concise presentation. I was especially appreciative of your use of western philosophers like Bertrand Russell…thanks for the work you put in. It shows. Shiwa

  7. Just thought I’d chip in my two cents to the rousing chorus of thank yous. This is the first time I’ve seen the website since last night’s seminar, so I am very glad to see it start to get filled in, albeit with statistical website stuff for the moment, which is nonetheless of considerable interest. I look forward to the coming eight weeks, and only want to reiterate my gratitude. All the best!

  8. Thanks so much Alex and team for all your wonderful work on this..I attended Rinpoche’s teachings years ago on Madhyamika, but now am understanding it from another level…
    I am very concerned about how buddhism might survive and connect with younger people (as the stats above reflect only 5% under 30, and most are university educated). The modern systems and lifestyle seems to be getting harder to escape from, let alone have time to study/ meditate/ contemplate. I know Rinpoche/ KF is trying to address this, but there are so many factors against it…….? I think us older Buddhists (who often benefited from Buddhism from our 20’s), have a responsibility to help the younger people now.

  9. SAGA DAWA; thank you wholeheartedly for this brilliant introduction on this 8-week most exciting online course on the Buddha’s second turning of the wheel, on Madhyamaka. I’m willing To follow and deepen and Enrich my practise with this most eloquent and practical teachings, sorry nice to listen to. Thank you Mr Alex and Rinpoche, Sidhartta’s Intent

  10. Hi Alex I greatly appreciate your experience & practice plus the work you all have put into this website & the webinair & the resources and drawing on many traditions. I’m looking forward to understanding some basic concepts eg valid cognition. And then be able to have something to measure experiences against. Also are you sending an email to remind people they have to register separately each week? I only found that by accident. All the best for the coming weeks

  11. Dear Alex this is a non formal invitation to you…. Think about come to Rio de Janeiro Brazil ! And stay with the sangha Buda de Ipanema ? Elena

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