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Artwork (Header): Head of the Buddha, Gandhara region, 4th/5th century (artist unknown). (Nine images, L to R): Chandrakirti (artist unknown); Ten Ox-Herding Pictures #1 (2009) by ➜Andrew Binkley; Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche © ➜Pawo Chöyning DorjeBuddha in Our Time (2010) by ➜Gonkar Gyatso; Mañjushri (Monju Bosatsu), Japan, 14th/16th century, Muromachi (artist unknown); Mañjushri-Nama-Samgiti, 16th century, Kagyu lineage, Tibet, Collection of Rubin Museum of Art ➜Himalayan ArtForm is Emptiness by ➜Nadja van Ghelue; Nagarjuna (artist unknown); Enso from movie "Arrival" (2016) by ➜Martine Bertrand.

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