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Singular Aspiration
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Singular Aspiration

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I vaguely remember a quote from Rumi on how to gauge the state of your spiritual aspiration. He said to make a list of what is most important to you. If there is more than one thing on the list, you're in trouble.

I have a feeling that the sublime teachers had not only great aspiration, but singular aspiration. There was only one thing on their list.

While my aspiration is strong, it is NOT singular. It is continuously bumping up against other, competing aspirations- some outer, some inner, and many secret. (meaning- my behaviour reveals aspirations that are not conscious- but clearly operant!)

Shanti Deva describes the  Bodhichitta of intention, which is very good, and the Bodhichitta of utter commitment and action, which is transformational. They are very different, and, he says, the former leads us to the latter.  

I am looking forward to this course as another nudge in that direction.