Here’s a map from Vimeo showing where people are watching the video of the Week 1 teachings – 57 countries, from Macedonia to Madagascar!

I find it very inspiring that people all over the world are coming together with a common interest in understanding and practicing the wisdom of the Middle Way.

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  1. Hi, great course Alex. I am hearing it a bit belatedly with the mp3 files. I was reading the prayer of Kuntuzanpo for the solar eclipse and came to the line “I, Kuntuzangpo, have realized the truth of this ground, free from cause and condition, which is just this self-arising awareness”. I thought that there was no self-arising according to Chandrakirti, so is this prayer from the Cittamatra or mind-only perspective? It seems very dzogchen like too, so am a little confused about which perspective it is coming from. Have a happy eclipse. Rod

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