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Aspiration (Taipei, Taiwan 2016), November 30-December 1 (2 days). Public teaching at Jie Shou Memorial Hall. (SI #3632)

Aspiration is the King (Vancouver, Canada 2024) January 6-7 (2 days). Public teaching at The Vancouver Playhouse. (SI #4034)

Bodhichitta (San Francisco, USA 2021) July 5 (2H 3M). Public teaching given online. (SI #3964)

Bodhisattva Vow (Bir, India 2020) May 7 (Vesak) (0H 42M). Bodhisattva Vow Ceremony, public teaching online from Khyentse Labrang. (SI #3732)

Buddhism and modernity (Taipei, Taiwan 2020) November 25 (2H 53M). Public teaching “A Contemporary Buddhist Perspective on Myth, Language, Globalization and Societal Values”. (SI #3727)

Dharani (Taipei, Taiwan 2020) November 19 (0H 35M). Public teaching given on the first day of the 10th Ushnishavijaya Drupchö. (SI #3734)

Dhyana (Hong Kong, China 2021) November 15 (2H 25M). Public teaching at Hong Kong University. (SI #3977)

Gandavyuha Sutra (The Stem Array) (Hong Kong, China 2021) October 30 (1H 57M). Public teaching given online. (SI #3973)

Heart Sutra (Bir, India 2020) June 4-5 (Saga Dawa) (0H 3M + 0H 19M). Public teaching online from Khyentse Labrang. (SI #3940)

Karma (California, USA 2021) July 18 (1H 42M). Public teaching given online. (SI #3967)

Kuntuzangpo (Bir, India 2020) June 21 (Summer Solstice) (0H 35M). Public teaching online from Khyentse Labrang. Includes recording of DJKR reciting the Aspiration Prayer of Samantabhadra. (SI #3730)

Lotus Sutra (New Delhi, India 2018) March 18 (1H 43M). Public teaching. (SI #3658)

Love and Relationships (Singapore 2012) April 8 (2H 13M). Public teaching. (SI #3313)

Love, Work, Music (Menz, Germany 2010) July 3 (0H 7M). Advice for young people, response to questions. (SI #6134)

Nonduality: Mandala (Taipei, Taiwan 2021) February 19 (0H 14M) On nonduality, mandala, Vairochana, dependent origination. (SI #3949)

Poison is Medicine (Halifax, Canada 2021) August 3 (1H 40M). Public teaching in Spatz Theatre (SI #3969)

Prajña (Bengaluru, India 2020) January 5 (1H 52M). Public teaching at Prajñadhara Campus. (SI #3697)

Refuge and Bodhisattva Vow (Asia 2021) October 27 (0H 47M). Public teaching given online. (SI #3974)

Resilience (Taipei, Taiwan 2021) January 14 (1H 7M). Live Zoom session with the students and faculty of four colleges in Bhutan. (SI #3767)

Return to Normal (Taipei, Taiwan 2020) October 10-11 (2 days). Public teaching at Taipei International Convention Center. (SI #3723)

Sadhana of the Recollection of the Noble Three Jewels (Taipei, Taiwan 2021) February 19 (1H 0M). (SI #3825)

The Way of the Tathagata (Pune, India 2019) December 27-29 (3 days). Public teaching at Savitribai Phule Pune University Campus. (SI #3688)

Touching Base (Bir, India 2020) September 12 (0H 39M). Public teaching online from Khyentse Labrang in celebration of the accumulation of 100 million Shakyamuni mantras as part of Bhumisparsha. (SI #3721)

View, Meditation + Action (Sydney, Australia 2020) January 25-27 (3 days). Public teaching at The Roundhouse. (SI #3693)

Vipassana (Bengaluru, India 2020) January 4 (2H 14M). Public teaching. (SI #3690)

Vipassana for Beginners (Taipei, Taiwan 2020) December 11-12 (2 days). Includes guided meditation sessions. (SI #3738)

Vipassana – A Sadhana (Singapore 2022) February 19/20 (3H 20M) (SI #3984)

Vipassana (Lhaktong) (Thimphu, Bhutan 2019) November 27 (1H 30M). Public teaching. (SI #3687)

You Are Your Own Master (Vancouver, Canada 2021) June 20 (2H 46M). Public teaching given online. (SI #3946)